Thursday, September 10, 2009

Did the ABCC ever investigate McGurk???

Below is a letter from Spirit of Eureka (NSW) to the Sydney Morning Herald contrasting ABCC's treatment of building workers and unions (and Ark Tribe) with the treatment of Michael McGurk, Sydney's multi-million property developer murdered in Sydney last weekend.


Dear Sir

Michael McGurk, the murdered millionaire property developer with “dubious business dealings”, had close links to big ALP donors (SMH 5/9/09). The second largest individual donation to the ALP in 2007 was from an associate of McGurk.

The multi-million dollar Australian Building and Construction Commission was supposed to root out building industry corruption. Despite clear evidence of criminality amongst sections of construction employers, the ABCC has never targeted them. It aims only at workers.

South Australian construction worker Ark Tribe is facing six months gaol for ‘contempt’ of the ABCC.

Following a safety dispute each worker on Ark’s site was dragged before the ABCC for secret interrogations. Their crime? Calling the union and signing a petition. They had no right to silence, no guaranteed right to a lawyer of their own choice and no right to tell anyone what was said. They had fewer rights than a terrorism suspect. Ark refused to go. He says he’s done nothing wrong, but he’s being treated like a criminal.

Labor leaders spoke against the ABCC under Howard, but now support it. Perhaps money talks.

Meanwhile fatalities are rising in an industry which kills 50 Australians each year, and the ABCC does nothing.

Lindy Nolan

Spirit of Eureka NSW

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  1. Bloody disgraceful, but sadly not surprising. So much for the workers' party!