Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Verdict tomorrow - be there for Ark!

It's been a long wait for Ark Tribe. With court appearances almost into the double figures, adjournment's and the recent postponing of the decision, this bloke has been through hell. But he's handled it with class; always thanking his mates, family, and union comrades for the strong support they've given him throughout this turgid farce.

If it goes to script, Ark will be a free man tomorrow and he can get on with a life that has been put on hold for over two years, all because he had the mettle to stand up to a bully. And the ABCC is the biggest bully in Australia. What other entity can, without justification, summon an individual to an interview and force them to rat on their mates or force them to reveal the content of a union meeting called to address a workplace safety issue? What organisation can remove one's democratic right to silence and access to a lawyer? What other organisation attacks the men and women who build our nation by subjecting them to laws that aren't even used on suspected terrorists? That's the nature of what is now Gillard's ABCC, her "tough cop on the beat".

If Ark walks out of the Adelaide Magistrates Court tomorrow as he should, a free man, it will be a victory to saviour. But is it a victory for democracy? Not in the slightest. The fact that our Government can persecute an honest working man for standing up for basic rights at work, drag him through the courts, and potentially jail him, is an outrage, and quite frankly, more Australians should be protesting.

Thankfully, Ark has had fantastic support from thousands of workers around the country, and you should all be congratulated. As long as working people unite against these fascistic attacks against their brothers and sisters we will defeat those who wish us harm. The ABCC must be abolished. Dare to struggle, dare to win. See you at the courthouse at 8.30am tomorrow!

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