Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ark Tribe trial update

After the final ABCC witness was dismissed on Thursday 22nd July and Ark’s legal team leading no evidence, the magistrate, David Whittle, informed the hearing that the transcript of the case could take up to a month to be made available. He decided that Ark’s team would have to supply their written submissions to him by 27th August and the prosecution by 3rd September; both are required to give any oral submissions on the 13th September.

Following the hearing on 13th September Magistrate Whittle will then deliberate on the evidence and at a future date make known his verdict.

Another rally is to be held on Monday 13th September to show the continued support for Ark Tribe and disgust at laws which could jail a worker for 6 months for demanding the same right to silence that all other citizens of this country are afforded.

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