Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ark Tribe Trial: Day 1

Across the country, thousands rallied in support of Ark Tribe yesterday.

Thank you for your support.

Inside the Adelaide Magistrate's court, lawyers began their defence of Ark Tribe, a normal construction worker accused of nothing more than failing to attend an interrogation by the Construction Star Chamber for the Australian Building and Construction Commission.

Ark's lawyers argued that the ABCC had not correctly begun the prosecution - because the person authorising the prosecution did not have the power to do so. As a result they said the charges should be thrown out.

Lawyers for the Commonwealth DPP contested the argument and the magistrate moved for an adjournment. Both sides will now make written submissions on the matter, with the court reconvening today, Wednesday 16th June at 2pm.

It is expected that the magistrate will today make a determination on this particular issue. If the arguments of Ark's lawyers are upheld, the case will end. If not, it will continue with both sides making arguments on substantive issues.

Workers, members of the broader community and unionists, were out in force outside and inside the court in support of Ark and against the ABCC. If Ark goes in, construction workers across the country will go out.

Come to Victoria Square at 1.30pm today to show your solidarity with Ark as his trial enters Day 2.

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