Thursday, December 17, 2009

Give some Christmas cheer to Ark as he faces another court appearance

As we approach the end of 2009, Ark Tribe will again appear in the Adelaide Magistrates Court to defend himself against the charges brought by the workers' scrooge - the ABCC! It's a sad day when a hard working man like Ark Tribe has to spend his Christmas wondering if will soon be behind bars, all because he took a stand for his workmates and others who face daily the dangers of unsafe construction sites.

The ABCC, still yet to bring any charges against an employer for putting the lives of building workers at risk, should drop the charges against Ark Tribe and let him enjoy the festive season without the spectre of jail hanging over his head. Enough is enough!

Ark Tribe says he is "blown away" with the support he's received at the rallies and through the many comments and letters submitted online and that while it's never crossed his mind to give in to the pressure that's been placed upon him, the solidarity he's received spurs him on to continue his strong stand against the undemocratic and un-Australian ABCC. says thank you to all who have supported Ark in 2009 and on behalf of the CFMEU, we invite you to a sausage sizzle and rally tomorrow, December 18, 11am, Victoria Square, Adelaide.

Bring your family and friends and continue to STAND TALL for the rigger Ark Tribe.

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