Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's all about production stupid!

While Ark Tribe could go to goal for 6 months for defending the rights of construction workers to remain silent, the MBA, voice of the construction bosses, has responded as to why it is necessary to retain draconian laws for construction workers.

Master Builders Australia chief executive Wilhelm Harnisch is supporting retention of coercive powers over the construction sector, saying it was about productivity. "It's about providing the best bang for the taxpayers' buck," he said. (11/06/09 AAP)

If the concern was for taxpayers bucks one would think abolishing the ABCC would be a good start to saving $33 million per annum. The only tax payer the MBA is concerned with is the taxpayer bosses in the Building and Construction Industry (if any could be found paying their fair share).

Griffith University Professor David Peetz in a supplementary submission to the Wilcox inquiry states, “While there is scant evidence of a large impact on productivity, of the order claimed by the ABCC, Econtech and the employer bodies, there is more persuasive evidence for suggesting that the ABCC might have been associated with the transfer of income shares from labour to capital.”

Put pure and simple, more profits for the bosses-less rights and wages for workers.

How crude the bosses have become using a state sponsored industrial police force to improve their profit margins and how exposed some current Federal Labor Politicians are becoming by justifying legal bullying and intimidation as, “keeping a tough cop on the beat”. All this without a care that a worker could be goaled for 6 months for the very basic right enjoyed in any civilized society to remain silent.

John Howard introduced the most draconian industrial relations laws seen in Australia, in the past week Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard have declared themselves caretakers for these draconian laws.

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